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Exploring the Wallet LTO Network

by Brock Dakari

Despite the abundance of modern blockchain platforms, a small part of them can provide the right level of security and convenience for implementation in the work of enterprises. About 6-7 years ago, a new LTO startup was created in the Netherlands, which would allow automating business processes for B2B clients. In the review, readers will learn what LTO is, how to buy this cryptocurrency, and what products the project has.

What Is LTO?

In general, the wallet lto network is an excellent decentralized system for collaboration between different organizations. With its help, the discussion, drafting, and signing of contracts can be automated — business owners can get rid of bureaucratic problems. In general, project users can also use the following system functions:

  • exchange of information in real-time;
  • organization of supply chains;
  • receiving data processing to third parties.

It`s also worth mentioning the hybridity: the hash is transmitted to all nodes of the common network, while the data itself remains between the individual nodes. The confidentiality of corporate data is maintained at a height.

Where & How to Buy?

The LTO cryptocurrency is listed on several exchanges, but it`s not available for purchase with fiat money. To get coins, you first need to purchase BTC and then exchange them for LTO. The tokens themselves serve as a license — a certain number of coins in the wallets will allow you to use the full functionality of the platform.

LTO Products

At the moment, LTO Network has released one product, namely live contracts (FillTheDoc feature). There are also two other products in beta testing:

  • Proofi — a digital signature that would prevent fraud in online business;
  • LetsFlow — a separate platform that will make it easier to create centralized and decentralized processes.

These products were supposed to be released in 2020. However, customers still cannot use the advanced functionality and release dates have not been updated.


At the moment, the LTO network is known as a top blockchain due to the high activity of the system and the steady growth in the number of transactions. The system works quickly and accurately, so many companies will likely want to implement such a convenient tool to simplify bureaucratic issues. In addition, it operates transparently by publishing financial reports regularly. Experts are confident that the demand for LTO tokens and platform features will grow.

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